What is “custom”?

I have often been asked just what does custom-made really mean and how much does it cost. To answer the first question, custom-made generally means producing an item for a specific area that has a specific need. Furniture stores generally cannot fulfill this request, so enter the custom furniture builder (ME). As an example, several years ago a friend of mine asked me to build a corner TV entertainment unit. Down one wall from the corner was a fireplace and down the other was a window. He wanted to fill up the entire space on both walls with the TV in the corner. So we did. He now says if he ever sells the house the entertainment unit stays because it won’t fit anywhere else. So just remember “a specific space with a specific need” needs a custom project.     

What does it “custom” cost?

Costs for custom furniture projects can vary widely. It’s like comparing Yugos, Chevys, and Cadillacs. They all perform the same function but with a great disparity in the style in which you ride. Most of the large pieces of furniture I build would be comparable in price to a similar piece found in a high quality furniture store. However, if you have a requirement for a specific piece to meet a specific need, then custom-made may be the answer. But I can assure you that if you expect a custom project at Oak Express prices, it’s not going to happen. To give you some idea of what piece might cost, I have posted some approximate prices for several of my projects  in the gallery section of this site.