How does a project get started?

If you’ve always thought you could use a “whatchamacallit” to go in a specific place in your home and have never seen exactly what you want in the furniture stores, then you possess the idea for a custom project, you just didn’t know it.

My job as a custom furniture builder is to sit down with you and have you explain your idea. We might even come up with a real professional sounding name for what you want. By using your description of what you want and what you want it to do, together we can generally design what you need. I am not a professional designer, but I pride myself in being able to take your ideas and provide sketches of a proposed project.

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Generally, I will make suggestions of additional options that might improve on your original idea (two heads can sometimes be better than one). Some of my thoughts on additional options could include some of the following: 

  • Inlays of stone, tile, or different kinds of wood
  • Legs (straight,curved,rounded)
  • Kick spaces or feet
  • Finishes
  • Types of wood available
  • Special compartments
  • Special accent lights
  • Types of doors (slab or raised panel)

As you can see the possibilities could be endless!


After an initial consultation, if you choose to proceed further, I will get some sketches together along with some cost figures for the project. We generally can communicate through e-mails and telephone if any questions arise as I get these details worked out. If it becomes apparent that either budget or time constraints will be problem, then we can drop the project and go no further. If you choose to proceed, then I will provide you a detailed description and price quote for the project.


Upon signing an agreement to proceed with my proposal, then at least a 50% deposit will be required. Each project can present its own set of requirements, so the above described process can be modified somewhat to meet a project’s unique needs. Final payment will be expected upon completion of the project.

If the project will need external knobs or pulls, the customer will be expected furnish them to me. I have this policy due to the wide range in cost of furniture hardware and the subjectivity of choosing just the “right” hardware. I will install the hardware at no extra charge, I just don’t want the hassle of choosing it.

If design changes are needed once the project is being fabricated, I will work with you to incorporate these changes and the final price can be adjusted either up or down as the circumstances dictate. Design changes early in the project are easier and cheaper to incorporate than those needed as the project nears completion.

If the project is a large one, periodic pictorial updates can be provided via e-mail. This service will be provided at no extra charge.


If you are within 50 miles of my shop and the piece can be carried in my pickup, there is no delivery charge. If the delivery address is between 50 and 150 miles of my shop, then $1.00/ mile one way for each mile outside 50. (example: 100 miles would have a delivery charge of $100.00; 130miles would have a delivery charge of $160.00) Outside of 150 miles, delivery is the customer’s responsibility. If the piece is too large for my pickup, then delivery is the customer’s responsibility. I will cooperate and assist a customer any way I can to facilitate delivery in these circumstances.

If you're outside of the service area, we appreciate your interest - try this directory of alternative custom furniture builders.


I am confident that any designs that are agreed upon by myself and a customer can be custom-made in my shop to very high standards. Therefore, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If upon delivery you are disappointed in the overall quality of workmanship in your project, then I will refund your money. I want you to not only be pleased but thrilled with your finished item. But bear in mind, I work with real wood that may have minor flaws. Your project is being made by hand and evidence of hand work is sometimes evident. I have enough work available at my house to show any customer what I am talking about. The work you receive will be equal to or better than any I will show you.